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Hygge (prounounced "hoo-ga")
"a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)."

The word is derived from a Norwegian word "hugga" comparatively meaning “to comfort”, which also relates to the English word “hug”.

A "hygge" lifestyle can be described by finding comfort, pleasure, and warmth in simple, soothing things such as a cozy atmosphere or the feeling of harmony. The Scandinavian term translates into a feeling of coziness, contentment, and well-being found through cherishing and appreciating the little things in life.

Hygge can mean something different for everyone—as people find different things comforting to them, the term is subjective. People can practise hygge in different ways, as long as it makes one feel content—it can almost be defined through any activity! The most common form is simply being cozy!

You can practise hygge by making yourself a warm cup of tea, such as with our Mindful Mint blend. This soothing blend was created with you in mind, to help bring you to your roots and practise mindfulness—another great way to experience hygge.

You can also practice hygge by bonding with a friend or some family, cuddling with a pet, or by watching your favourite tv show snuggled under a blanket. You can craft, paint, knit or whatever gets you in your zone!

Scandinavian nations rank among the world's happiest countries (Denmark following just behind Finland).

Why could this be? Is it their calm way of life? Low stress and easy going lifestyle? Or the fact that many Nordic countries prioritize the well-being of their citizens by providing social security, paid leave, free health universal care, etc. Maybe it's a combination of both!

Since we are finding ourselves to be staying at home more often nowadays, all the reason we should make a stronger effort to incorporate hygge into our daily lives!


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