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Summer isn't quite over yet, we have another recipe in for you... This time we are using our Oolong Peach blend, perfect for the last couple warm months. This is definitely one of our favorites! It is a classic, and simple to make!


Loose Leaf Oolong Peach Tea

The Oolong Peach blend is made from real pieces of apple, peach, and marigold flowers for a taste that can’t be beat and oodles of health benefits!

Oolong tea contains several vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants!⁠ Did you know Oolong tea is high in an amino acid called L-theanine?

Studies show this amino acid has cognitive effects like improved brain activity, better sleep quality, and reduced stress and anxiety.⁠


Iced Peach Tea

Now for the recipe... Iced Oolong Peach Tea!

Ingredients (Makes 4 glasses)

- 2 Oolong Peach Tea bags

- 4 Cups water

- 2 tsps sweetener (we like to use honey!)

- 2 cups frozen peach chunks

- 1 cup peeled orange chunks (fresh or frozen)



1. Steep your Oolong Peach tea for about 5 minutes (avoid steeping for longer, as oolong becomes bitter when steeped for too long).

2. Add your desired sweetener, then set the tea aside to cool (you can also place in fridge).

3. In a blender, purée the frozen peach and orange chunks. Strain the puréed mixture into a large pitcher, pressing on the fruit to extract the most flavor. Then add in the tea and stir well.

4. Add ice cubes if desired and enjoy!

5. Tag us on instagram @groundedtea with your creations!


Iced Peach Tea in Pitcher


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