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Nowadays the vast majority of people suffer from chronic inflammation, brought on by too much stress or a diet full of processed foods. Luckily, our bodies are naturally built to heal—and we have the power to do so by fuelling ourselves with the right foods! The most powerful tools to combat inflammation don't come from the pharmacy, but from the grocery store! Food has always been the best medicine for our bodies and knowing what we should be eating (and avoiding) will lead us on our journey of healing. 


What is inflammation?

Inflammation occurs when your body sends cells to help protect your body from harm. It is the bodies normal immune response. This inflammation can result in pain, restricted movement, and numerous other symptoms.

Inflammation is linked to chronic conditions and diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis or psoriasis, diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. Inflammation can be both temporary or chronic although foods that cause inflammation can make existing conditions worse and trigger "flare-ups".


How can inflammation be treated or prevented?

  • Diet

    Avoid inflammatory foods such as sugars, refined carbs and processed foods. Instead, eating foods high in antioxidants (such as berries, mushrooms and tea) and foods high in fat (such as fish and nuts) - you can also never go wrong with your greens. Don't forget about adding superfoods such as onions and garlic where ever you can (adding our Superfood teas is an easy way to increase your intake)! Ginger is another great superfood that helps combat inflammation. Replace your cooking oils with olive oil or avocado oil instead, as other vegetable oils are highly processed and harmful to your health. Read more about the dangers of vegetable oils here.

    Our gut health plays a HUGE role in our overall health. Try incorporating more probiotics into your diet such as through supplements or by drinking kombucha. We will do a whole blog post for you about how to make your own at home with Grounded Tea. 

    Tip: challenge yourself by doing a gut cleanse to "reset" your gut lining and free it from inflammation. Try avoiding gluten, dairy, alcohol, sugar and fried or processed foods for about 4 weeks to restrengthen the walls of your gut lining. Healing your gut lining will help eliminate conditions such as leaky gut—which also leads to inflammation in the body, leading to numerous diseases. Learn more about leaky gut here.


    • Tea

    Not only are teas anti-inflammatory, they are also extremely high in antioxidants! Which teas specifically you may ask?

    Our best anti-inflammatory blends are:

    Ginger Glow

    As mentioned before, ginger has great anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger contains phytonutrients, which create the anti-inflammatory effects we are after!

    Golden Turmeric

    This blend also contains high anti-inflammatory properties due to the peppercorn boosting the effectiveness of the turmeric when mixed together. Turmeric on its own is difficult for your body to absorb but when paired with black peppercorn the bioavailability increases up to 2000%.

    Jasmine Green

    Green tea contains EGCG which helps to prevent cell damage. The effects on your health are very preventative and can have a positive effect on our bodies aging process. 

    Moroccan Mint

    Since this blend also contains green tea, it is another great anti-inflammatory tea. It also contains peppermint which is antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. 


    • Mindful Practises

    Reaffirming to yourself that you are healthy will naturally send healing energy throughout your body. You can also do this by focusing on a specific area of your body. For example, focusing on the part of your body that is in pain and envisioning it pain-free and healthy. Strengthening and repeating these thoughts/visions can surprisingly bring shocking results. 

    For affirmations to work best, make sure they are:

    1. Believable and realistic
    2. Practical to repeat
    3. Easy enough to remember
    4. Specifically focused on your journey
    5. Comforting to hear 


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