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Self-love. We seem to hear this phrase a lot. So what does it really mean?

Truth is, it looks different for everyone… and it can look different every day! It can mean taking time to yourself to reboot, or disciplining yourself to do things your future self will thank you for. For example, pushing yourself to go to the gym or buying healthy food instead of going straight to the snack aisle. Bottom line, self-love isn’t always “fun”, but sometimes it is necessary. Self-love is doing what will make your future self feel the most rewarded and satisfied. Think about the bigger picture and focus on what end goals you are really striving towards. Implementing small habits in your every day life that will help achieve these goals is ultimate self-love.

Think about it, is instant gratification as satisfying as accomplishing something bigger that tugs at your heart? Probably not. Real self-love is the concept of doing the things that will help create the best version of yourself - this includes both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Some habits that promote self-love:

  • Going to bed early so you are getting the rest you need

Sleep plays SUCH an important role in our lives and overall health. Without sufficient sleep, we simply are not able to function at our best and as a result will surely not be feeling our best either. If you have trouble, drinking a cup of our Sleep Well blend can help induce sleep. It contains valerian which helps lower anxiety and improves sleep quality.

  • Having a strong sense of self & healthy inner dialogue

Telling yourself encouraging and uplifting words can do wonders and set your entire mood for the day/week. Be gentle and talk to yourself as if you are in love with yourself, as you should be! There is no room for negativity this year or pessimistic thoughts, talk to yourself with confidence. Believing in yourself has a powerful effect - you become what you think. Here are a couple mantras I have been working with for years: (1) I completely trust myself (2) I am the embodiment of health and wellness. It is essential that these are present tense. They do not need to be complicated or wordy, sometimes the simpler the better. 

  • Meditation/visualization

Meditation can really help you ground yourself and collect your thoughts. If you ever feel like you are having a hectic day or week, it is important to take to come back to your body and slow down. Remind yourself of the bigger picture and don't take life too seriously! Try listening to a guided meditation or read a calming book to help you return to a calmer state of being and find presence in the moment. My fav is a 5 minute meditation by Sogyal Rinpoche. Lay on the couch or floor or simply sip a cup of tea as you listen to the words or music. Click here to access the free meditation. 

  • Look good for YOU

Do you get a boost of confidence after getting dressed up, even if you are just staying at home? Staying in sweatpants all day is definitely nice, but getting done up is also a good balance to have for yourself. 

  • Cut out toxic people from your life and set boundaries

Life is too short to allow people in your life who do not value you or treat you the way you need to be treated. Be picky with people! (trust me, you will do yourself a HUGE favour). You need to surround yourself with people who inspire, uplift, love and support you. Know your limits and say no when you need to re-charge before you can share your energy with others. People who cannot respect or understand your boundaries, are not your people.

  • Stop saying you will do it tomorrow

Did you know procrastination actually stems from a rooted fear of failure? It relates more to our ability to regulate our emotions, rather than laziness.

As humans, we naturally feel uncomfortable when something is unfamiliar. Unfamiliarity makes us nervous. Every time we repeat an action or thought (good or bad), we are strengthening the neural pathways in our brains which ultimately makes it harder to create and sustain new habits.

Of course… self-love is also doing the things you LOVE! It’s all about balance. Indulge out on your favourite food, sleep in, be lazy. We need balance in our lives, and as long as we have healthy habits - everything is best in moderation!

Creating these healthy habits and taking time to self-reflect is so important in order for you to feel you are living a fulfilled life.

You can't give love to others if you aren't giving it to yourself!


Drink Grounded, Live Grounded. 

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